Ajyal Fiberglass knows the importance of cable trays in our electronically connected infrastructure,Cable trays are used to house multiple cable strands and protect them from external factors like moisture and heat.

GRP cable trays are considered the most suitable alternative because its anti-corrosive, low thermal conductivity and resistance to corrosive factors.

Advantages of GRP Cable Trays :


  • Corrosion resistant: When compared with material like stainless steel, aluminium or galvanised steel, GRP has a very high resistance to most corrosive elements like chemicals, heat and moisture. It can be installed in outdoor locations as well as in hostile environments like a chemical factory.


  • High strength: GRP has a high strength to weight ratio, which means that despite its light weight it is incredibly strong. It can be used to carry heavy cables and can easily stay upright like steel trays.


  • Light weight: GRP trays are lighter than alternatives like steel or aluminium, This makes it easy to carry, bringing down the cost of installation. It also makes GRP easier to install.


  • Maintenance free: The dye in GRP trays is in-built and not painted. It cannot peel aways. GRP does not rust or rot like other materials. Its high resistance to most environmental factors makes it practically maintenance free.


  • Antistatic: This is a useful quality when carrying cables. GRP’s antistatic properties ensure that there is no outward static activity which can disrupt electronic implements in its immediate surroundings.


  • Long life: High resistance to environmental corrosion also makes GRP far more durable than other materials. Combined with its low maintenance requirement, it makes for an absolutely fuss free conduit for cables that will last a lifetime.


  • Off shore: GRP has a high resistance to salt and water, making it ideal for off-shore installation. Other materials rarely last for long in such hostile conditions.


Features Of Cable Tray :


At Tribeni Fiber we offer cable trays in various sections and profiles. This makes our trays suitable for a range of purposes. We also offer accessories to enhance the functionality of our cable trays and to ensure that our clients receive complete coverage solutions. Extra accessories for Cable trays include:

  • 90 Degree horizontal bend
  • 45 Degree horizontal bend
  • Straight reducer
  • Equal cross
  • 45 Degree vertical bend
  • 90 Degree tee
  • 90 Degree vertical bend
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