Ajyal Fiberglass is a leading Manufacturer of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) pipe (also known as GRP pipes).

Ajyal Fiberglass is among leading GRP/FRP pipes Manufacturers in India well known in the industry for giving corrosion resistant, high strength, safe and durable Fiberglass pipes to its esteemed clients worldwide.

Manufactured using ultra grade resin systems, out Fiberglass pipes are especially designed to give optimum performance without compromising on international quality standards.

Ajyal Fiberglass pipes are light in weight and can be quickly fabricated and installed.

Clients can avail GRP/FRP  pipes with us at industry leading prices. GRP/FRP pipes have low installation and maintenance costs as compared to steel. They are non resistant to chemicals and UV stabilized assuring best action as compared to conventional metals especially wood.


Advantages Of Using GRP/GRE Pipes :

  • Slip Resistant
  • Anti Corrision
  • Chemical Resistant
  • No Maintenance
  • Economical

Corrosion Resistance

GRP/FRP ( fiberglass reinforced plastic pipe – FRP) is designed to be “user friendly.” The resin, glass reinforcement materials and composite construction were selected to provide consistent corrosion resistance for the majority of chemical applications for which FRP pipe is considered appropriate. There remain certain extreme chemical services for which special construction and alternative resins should be considered.

Weather Resistance

GRP/FRP pipe utilizes a heavily resinated exterior coat containing an ultraviolet stabilizer to impart long term resistance to the effects of sunlight and other weathering elements. Should pipe become weathered after many years in particularly severe environments, the exterior can be sanded and resin coated or painted.


Pigmented exterior gel coats are not used on GRP/FRP pipe in order to take advantage of the natural translucency of FRP. Visual inspection of the pipe, both new and after years of service, is more reliable with a “natural” laminate.
Additionally, the liquid contents can often be observed in the pipeline… sometimes a process control advantage.
When special color coding is required, however, this can be provided at a nominal added cost and slightly longer delivery time.


The high tensile elongation properties of the vinyl ester resins utilized in GRP/FRP pipe impart a superior toughness to the pipe enabling it to resist cracking and crazing of the resin when subjected to heavy design loads.
In addition to high fatigue resistance, this toughness also provides a safety factor against impact damage during shipping and installation.

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