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GRP & GRE Lamination/ RTR Adhesive

Al Ajyal Union Limited Co is specialized in GRP and GRE pipe field jointing such as lamination, double bell coupling, adhesive & rubber seal lock joints, spools & fittings fabrication works. The company is also specialized in  RTR.PVC & PPR, HDPE butt fusion and electro fusion jointing. We pride ourselves on our proven track record for effectively administering all our projects. This is due to effectively directing team members in the development of Technical skills, team work to ensure that all business requirements are met within budget restraints and time schedules.

Al Ajyal Union Limited Co also carried out  lamination of chemical storage tanks and concrete lining. The company carries out field jointing of GRP, GRE pipes maintaining the quality and procedures of pipe manufacturer.

Al Ajyal Union Limited  is an establishment of professional Engineers and highly skilled Technicians who are the best in experience and Certified by well reputed leader Industry companies. We do lay, assemble, install, and maintain pipe systems, pipe supports etc Excellence is our goal as well as our obligation to our clients. The company is made up of experts who make sure that our customers receive the best quality services and results. Through each process of the service provided by Al Ajyal Union Limited Co, we maintain and set the industry standards for integrity and professionalism.

Installation & Jointing

Al Ajyal Union Limited Co., is providing installation and jointing of the GRE & GRP pipelines. There are different kinds of joints possible in GRE & GRP pipelines for which we are providing jointing service. Some types of joints are,

  • GRP/GRE Lamination joint
  • Adhesive (cement) joint
  • Flanged and Stub End joint
  • Rubber seal lock joint
  • Threaded pipe joint
  •  Al Ajyal Union Limited Co is committed to satisfying our customer’s requirements and striving to exceed our customer’s expectations, while being fully committed to continual improvement and to providing the highest quality services in our field. We are Experienced, Trained and Equipped with all instruments related with Inspection & Testing of pipelines & vessels.
  • Site Installation Inspection
  • Visual Inspection for cracks and defects
  • Barcol hardness test
  • Acetone Sensitivity Test
  • Pressure Testing
  • Vacuum Testing

Our prices are always fair as we strive to build not only a successful business, but also lasting relationships with our clients. Commitment to time, quality of service and price will ensure our future as well as that of our clients.

HDPE Jointing

This technique is used for welding pipes made from PE, PP, PVDF etc. The pipes are mounted in the clamps of the butt fusion equipment and checked for initial alignment. The pipe ends are then planed to ensure that they are flat & square. The welding sequence begins when a flat heated plate is positioned between the two pipe ends. The pipes are pushed towards each other until they come into contact with the hot plate and the pressure is increased to give good thermal contact.

The pipe ends melt and the interface pressure forces the molten material outwards to form ‘weld beads’ at the outside and inside pipe surfaces; hence the term ‘bead-up’ stage. Then the pressure is reduced to a value sufficient only to maintain the pipe in contact with the hot plate. This allows the melt depth to increase without increasing the size of the weld beads. At the end of this ‘heat soak’ stage, the pipe ends are pulled away from the hot plate. The hot plate is removed, and the stage. This causes further growth of the weld bead and is called the ‘bead roll over’ stage. The two molten pipe ends are pushed together at the same pressure as used during the initial bead-up pressure is maintained until the weld is fully cooled and joint is ready

providing cutting-edge, cost-effective solutions in the field of GRP/GRE / RTR/ HDPE pipe installation, Fiberglass and Thermoplastic lamination, manhole lamination & Manhole Epoxy coating, HDPE lining.

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