AJYAL LTD. CO. offers services in accordance to the specialist that is applicable international and local standards in all the piping system such as (FRP, RTR)


Pre Project Services :


1.Site study & review the piping system that suppose to be installed according to the suppliers installation guideline.

2.Prepare the installation procedures and the project milestones.

3.Prepare Organization chart for the project.

4.Prepare ITP (Inspection and test Plan).


Online Project Services :


1.Excavation,foundation, bedding , backfilling, compacting for underground pipes.

2.Installation and supervision of above ground and under ground piping system.

3. Site connection of different types of pipeline joints both restrained and unrestrained.

4.Quality control & safety for the pipe installation.


Post Commissioning Maintenance Services :


1.Surveillance Inspection and evaluation of existing condition of the piping system.

2.Repair of replacement work and the damage part of the piping system or replacing any corroded steel or other metallic piping.

3.FRP lining works for corroded or weakened FRP and non – FRP piping system such as concrete or steel.

The Reason For Existence For AJYAL

Due to the rapid infrastructure development going around the kingdom and gulf and taking an advantage of the need of non – metallic piping system which has a large advantage such as : –

  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Light weight
  • Elimination of Coating & Painting
  • Less Fluid Resistance
  • Non-conductivity to electricity & heat
  • Dimensional stability

Ajyal Co ventured into this field to serve the need of such service that will contribute to the growth of the Country need in Non – Metallic Piping system such as FRP, RTR.

Ajyal Fiberglass Proudly Provides The Following Services :

Pipe Alignment

Our Technicians will Check the elevation, alignment and make sure the completely resting on the bedding.

Pipe laying and joining

For Pipe laying and joining sling used for lifting in the pipe or the fitting to secure the pipe or fitting from damage pipe joining and installation.

Handling of Pipes & fittings

The most important is to handle the pipe or fittings during upload and unload.
Let the pipe or fittings rest on the truck without nails, studs, and other objects might be damage them and secure in contact with metal by put padding.

Bedding preparation

The Bedding preparation should be compacted according to the required standard as well as client approval.

Conduct hydrostatic test

We have expertise knowledge and hydro testing on piping system such as underground piping, above ground piping.

Conduct hydrostatic test at joint of the pipe line

Using the latest technique and equipment to conduct the lick test for pipe joining


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GRP Lining

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